Hello, and welcome to Wallhax!

Please take a moment to read through our Rules & Guidelines;


  • No warez or cracks, or infected files
  • No illegal content like stolen accounts
  • No porn
  • No racism
  • No attacks on other board members or insults
  • No referral links
  • No like/reputation trading between members (Agreeing to give each other reputation/likes)
  • No bad signature or avatar content that breaks any of the above rules
  • No trading/selling between members
  • No scamming/hacking other members
  • No bumping (bumping is when a user bumps (post) on an old thread. Bumping is considered when a thread is older than one (1) week)
  • No spamming (meaning, don't go off-topic on a thread)
  • No advertisement of other private hacking websites


  • Be friendly towards other members, and staff
  • Follow the rules stated above
  • Help other members instead of criticizing them

If you for some reason decides not to follow these rules, your consequences can either be; Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban

Wallhax Staff.