Get the tactical advantage you need on the battlefield with the latest tech from Wallhax. Our Squad hack gives you knowledge that other soldiers can only dream of, with ESP showing you the exact locations of enemy units, along with other information like where they're looking, head bone, health information and more.

We enhance your aim with our head aimbot, ensuring you can take perfect headshots in the heat of the moment and take down your opponents immediately.

Dominate in online matches with our Squad cheat, when you know exactly where your opponents are and their status it's dead simple to set up an ambush, pelt them with rockets or snipe them before they know what's hit them. Our Squad cheat is undetected by the game client and is updated for new game versions to ensure the cheat continues working and is updated with new features over time!

Head Aimbot
Visibility Checks
Custom Aimbot Key
Field of View
Lock-On Indicator

Traceline ESP
Distance ESP
Head Dot ESP
Health ESP

In-game Mouse Driven Menu

Undetected by Game Client