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    Suggestion - Forums

    Only been here for about a week, and its been hectic, the forums is a mess multiple posts about the same thing and only one of them are so would have the answer and it takes around 10-20 minutes to even find that one post. I believe site needs a forum admin of sort, and if there is already one he or she should take some time and clean it up. Like right now i cannot even tell if the cheat i want to use is online or not, since it worked one day than suddenly hasnt worked in last 2 days. It's something to consider, i for one would be up to that task and i believe a lot of others would be too, food for you thoughts.

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    Please don't SPAM. We do try to keep the boards organized. If you see something that should be moved, message an admin or moderator and we'll fix it. Don't add to the problem by making multiple posts yourself...

    Suggestion - Forums
    When I use the hacks, I try really hard to play like a noob...
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