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    Nov 2016
    Minnesota, USA

    Let me tell you a story!!

    Hello Friends!!

    Let me just began by saying this is a sad tale of my personal experience (Viewer Discretion Advised lol) with a different client service (which I will not name here out of respect for WALLHAX and their great non scrub staff heehee, and not to take away from their business) which apparently has a brilliant coder (random peoples personal opinions, i prefer GOKKE and team XD) that left me feeling a tad bit resentful (ready to one punch my notebook).

    So our story begins the day that I returned to WALLHAX (hey!! that is today XD) I was cruising the interwebs taking care of things that i had been waiting to take care of but had a lack of funds, so I went to this unnamed site (kill it with fire!!) to grab a cheat for a game that is not supported here (hey we cant have it all, but WALLHAX has better products, no cookie cutters here) and I was looking to make a purchase. So i do all the normal things, register a new account yadda yadda, and when it came time to buy i was having an issue with paypal not processing the order. So i contacted their support staff (i think they employ 12 year olds as mods) and I told this person what the issue was, he then proceeded to question me why I was using a VPN, why I use google incognito, why I was trying to pay as a guest through paypal. I should have known I was dealing with a prepubescent troll just by the context of the conversation, so he goes on to again question me as to why I'm trying to hide my identity and I told him that I like my privacy and am very cautious about all the things that i do on the interwebs and about following any sort of pattern or leaving information for people (ok maybe i am a little paranoid), so i told him that I had never had an issue with paying via paypal as a guest, and had no issues with any other stuff, he replied "i see" and i was typing out a message thinking that i was actually gonna get some kind of help and then BAMMMMMMM!!! He kick me from the chat with this as the stated reason #CantFixStupid, I was like what the hell was that?

    So at this point I'm starting to feel a little frustrated, so I go to these peoples forums and post a polite and professional thread and as soon as I post it BAMMMMM!!! Banned!!! So now I'm getting pissed!! So i was like whatever, infantile behavior. So I came here to make my customary purchase (because WALLHAX offers the best quality for a packaged deal and the prices are great!!) and I'm still having issues with paypal. So i call my bank and talk to them and they say that my debit card is fine and there is no blocks or holds and I'm like ok must be paypal having an issue on their end. I call paypal and they say they don't know why my card is approved but the sale is being flagged by their security system, and i go on to explain the situation and here come to find out that these a-holes had charged me $40 USD like that exact same moment I was banned. At this point I have entered RAGE mode and was ready to one punch my monitor lol, paypal told me that they can look into it but don't expect anything for sure.

    I ended up going outside for a 45 minute walk to cool down and get away from the situation.

    In conclusion, this is the worst experience I have had in any type of customer service, and trust me i have had some bad ones. It seems to me even worse when you can't look someone in the eye when they treating you in a certain way. I am potentially out $40 USD now and pretty sure I cant do anything about it. I have done some research on these people (Who are worse than Walmart as a company) and everything that I have found is not good, and some of it depending where you are located could be criminal. Their reviews are all negative with the core of peoples issues centered on the same thing, the staff and the way they act. I also did some digging and contacted one of my instructors from college who works in the office of information technology and we found out that the staff of this site were credited with hacking BF3 servers through a third party and banned 150 players who don't cheat as false positives, and this doesn't sit well with me. We all know the risks of cheating and we know the price we can pay for cheating. But targeting player who don't take this risk is disgusting. In addition, it also turns out that 2 members or their staff where arrested in the U.S. for fraud on a case involving hacking millions of dollars worth of FIFA tokens and selling them in Europe.

    So what more can I say? Well that this has been a learning experience for me, and that I am so glad that I can depend on WALLHAX for quality, security and maturity.

    Thanks for listening to my story and letting me vent.

    Just when you've thought you've won... Enable EZ-MODE

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    Thanks for the kinds words, and only the paranoid survive

    Sorry you got scammed!
    Show the reviews as evidence to PayPal, they'll be on your side then

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    Sorry to hear about that mate, some cheat sites don't take professionalism very seriously and would rather outsource their support to volunteer middle schoolers. We can't stand that either!

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    Nov 2016
    Minnesota, USA
    Hey thanks guys, I was kind of like WTF!!! Who acts like that while running a business? lol. But I'm am gonna have to have a talk with my Aussie friend who rages with me on Battlefront, he suggested the site, said they were pretty good (NOT). I wouldn't even had tried going through them if he wasn't a kind soul and had gifted me some hacks to make it through my financial issues.
    Just when you've thought you've won... Enable EZ-MODE



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