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    SWBF 2 & The Division

    I have put well over 100+ Hours into The Division while using Wall Hax (even did the global events) I do have to say this is the best TCTD cheat I have used by far! All of the options & customizable options allow you to play legit with little aim assistance or let you just go full on bad ass as a rouge! This was well worth the money and I would highly recommend this cheat to anyone that is looking to start plaything The Division or if you are playing The Division now I would say this cheat is a must to complete the experience that The Division has to offer.

    With SWBF 2 Beta I used this cheat from the time, it released to the time the beta had ended even though this cheat was in a beta of itself it was still as high quality as the rest. I used the aimbot for around eight matches & did not have any issues, the walls were fantastic, & I can not wait till the full game comes out so we can continue to use wallhax on SWBF 2! Although I will add from Sunday on I was experiencing some game crashes + the aimbot suddenly stop working during some of the matches I was playing, but I was told all of the issues would be addressed and fixed before the final release (they also told me a tone more features will be added as well).

    Overall TCTD gets a 9/10 for me & SWBF 2 gets a 7/10.

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    Thanks for the feedback.
    When I use the hacks, I try really hard to play like a noob...
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    Great testimonial, thank you. I've added a bit of time to your membership.



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