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    Ghost Recon Wildlands + Late The Division (Launch/Post Launch) Reviews

    I stumbled across Wallhax before the launch of The Division. I've used a number of VIP providers, but WH never popped up in any search results until the The Division cheat was being advertised and everyone was in an uproar about it. (Haha.)

    As I never got around to submitting a testimonial of my time with The Division and Wallhax, I'd like to include that this review can be applied to both of my subscriptions, both current and previous.

    First off, Wallhax.com's purchasing system, which is similar to many others in a couple of ways, is quick and efficient. After making the initial purchase, your forum account is updated with new VIP permissions almost instantly. A small, well informed thread with a guide to download and execute the secure launcher/injector is a big positive. I'm sure it helps those who are not so technologically in touch with vBulletin and/or other software.

    I never received a ban for the months I spent playing The Division, with Wallhax's cheat. I recently returned after seeing the announcement for Ghost Recon Wildlands. It's not a game you need an aimbot or ESP for, but I figured I'd give it a try as my first experience was overwhelmingly positive. As I've recently finished Ghost Recon Wildland's campaign, I can add another Zero-Ban experience to my list.

    Support is well-received and the communication with customers and those seeking out answers in the pre-sale subforum, from the moderators and developers/administrators, adds to the great atmosphere.
    The software works as advertised and new features (even some requests by users), as well as bug fixes and updates, are tackled as soon as possible. You get what you pay for. And what you pay for is a working, 99.9% secure (I can't lie and say 100% as people do get banned, though I can't say whether those users may or may not have used other third-party tools/software) cheat that provides absolute advantages to your gameplay if you want and/or need it.

    With the release of Mass Effect Andromeda, I am currently waiting for the Launch version of the cheat that Wallhax has provided during the trial, to use with the remaining week or two of my subscription. I will update my thread with any further progress and usage.

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    Thank you very much for the review, glad to see you're enjoying the cheats we have to offer!

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    Thanks for the testimonial! I've extended your membership a bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slytiger View Post
    Thanks for the testimonial! I've extended your membership a bit
    Thanks buddy!

    + Requesting this post be merged with the one above. Thanks mods/admins!

    It seems I can make it past loading screens now, with the Andromeda cheat. I'll be sure to request an edit of my original post as I can't edit in this sub-section, with my Andromeda review. I'm also going to try and record some footage to try my hand at joining your video team. Just need to check if shadowplay is what caused the crashes. If you have any PR/Writing/Community Management positions, I can do those as well. I wrote for one of the EU's largest independent gaming/digital entertainment outlets, as the only North American. At the time, I was head of Public Relations for North America, as well.
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