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    Cool Ark survival evolved cheat review

    So lets start with the basic features :

    Aimbot - 9/10 [Its very snappy but very accurate]
    [Aimbot does need updating as with the new tribe ranking system it will lock on to your tribe-mates with a lower tribe rank than you. Same with the dinosaurs in your tribe.]

    Esp - 9.5/10 [Its very accurate but i feel some times its very clutterd (could be due to the front)]

    Dino Level - 10/10 Works outstanding didnt quite understand how it worked at first but you soon learn the hang of it. Just turn the box up to the desired level then roam around the map and see dinos at that level you selected.

    Waypoints - 10/10 , By far one of the best options added to a cheat like ark It makes it somuch easier to waypoint bases to raid in the future and waypoints to your base. No matter how far away you are you can always see your waypoint.

    Faults : I find that the menu does not always want to open when i press the desired key to open the cheat menu. Sometimes it works by pressing the delete key and other times it works by pressing the insert key. But eitherway i usually get the menu open so its not that bad but can be annoying sometimes if you think you are being spectated by an admin when in an active PVP engagement its best to get killed if the menu won't open to turn off the aimbot.

    As someone who has used hundreds of cheats from a range of places to publics to privates i can honestly say this does boast all the features you would want or need for a ark survival evolved cheat. It ticks all the boxs. Including the ability to kill other cheats with the fast and accurate aimbot this sports. [For the low price you cant really go wrong. Test it for 3 days but remember it does not bypass BE unfortunately.]

    As a recommendation i would recommend this cheat for anyone playing on BE

    I have highlighted some things worth reading. But overall i recommend this.

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    Thanks for leaving us a testimonial. Your subscription has been extended a bit.



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